Principal's Updates

“Student for A Day”

How do Cooper Jaguar students spend their hours in school? In short, they spend it richly. Each day they walk into Cooper Elementary’s doors, students are tasked with the responsibility of learning in only five to six hours.

Students pack each day with the kind of experiences, relationships, skill-building exercises—and, yes, learning—that equip them to succeed in school and beyond.

Students may say that adults don’t understand what it’s like to be an elementary student these days. In an effort to change that thought, Cherry Hill School District had me take the day off from my usual role as principal and instead I was a Cooper Jaguar student for a day. Through the lens of a student, I got a sense of what a student goes through during a school day. I fully participated in a student’s entire day Friday, February 10th. My day began at 8:45am and ended 3:38 when all Cooper students were dismissed.

Dennis in Mrs. Dippner’s class was the mystery student that was chosen for me to shadow for the day. Dennis told his parents “This was going to be the best day ever!”.

A huge thank you to Dennis and Mrs. Dippner’s class for all your help and enthusiastic participation.


Mrs. Patrice Taylor, Principal

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